Looking good is good business and looking good while in corporate wear just goes to show that your fashion game is no longer of this earth.
Slaying a corporate look is one of the best ways of standing out, getting more attention from your colleagues and boasting your self-confidence – probably because there seems to be a limit to which one can stretch starched shirts and slacks.

There is no reason to wear boring clothes to the office (except you really hate your job, of yourself). By switching up a few things in your wardrobe, you can most definitely spice up your formal look. Here are some tips:

Throw in a splash of colour
Dump your plain shirts for patterned ones or pick up a few pairs of colourful or animated socks. Make sure the socks are seen too so you might want to wear pants about one inch shorter than the usual length.

Wear denim, sometimes
Every day is not jeans day but replacing your cotton shirt for a denim shirt is a fun way of expressing your ‘chill side’.

Wear your size
This is probably the most important tip of all; try on your outfits for fit before you make any purchase! You can’t risk looking dowdy or stretched out.