Award winning author, Chimamanda Adichie has been honored by the Yale University in the United States yesterday, 10th of June. The seasoned writer has been bestowed with the Doctors of letters, Honoris Causa.
Chimamanda couldn’t hide her joy has she took to her Instagram account to share her latest achievement. She’s one of the short list of receipts who were honoured by the University.
Glowing in an overflowing joy as she  speaks at the school as part of the class of 2019. One can not but marvel at her passion and zeal towards her career as she continues to add more feathers to her already overflowing cap.

Honor they say never goes out of style and it is a known fact that success without honor  is an unseasoned dish. Yale University of the United States has taken to the  words of the wises as they gave honor to whom it is due.