Two days after the end of much-loved TV Show “Game of Thrones”, fans are still calling for more. A prequel or a sequel – whichever! The world just wants more of the good (and evil) men of Westeros, Winterfell, Dorne and all the others.

Sadly, there won’t be plays involving some of our favourite characters like Arya Stark but there are hints of not just one but three “Game of Thrones” prequels in the works. This was revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter by HBO programming president, Casey Bloys.

He did say he has marching orders to do more. However, the network will be focusing mainly on a robust roster of originals lined up to be released from this year – like “Westwood”.

Read excerpt:

George R.R. Martin has said there are three prequels still in the mix, two in the script stage and the third a pilot to be filmed this summer. Is that accurate? Can you clarify which are the two scripts that are still active? (Bryan Cogman has said his prequel script is dead.)
I am not clarifying anything other than yes, we shoot the first pilot in June. There are two more in development and beyond that, there’s nothing else to report.

You’ve got the pilot and two other scripts in the works. What plans do you have at the moment to put other projects into development? Or are you waiting to see what happens with the other two scripts?
There are no plans currently to put anything more in development. We’re not actively looking or going beyond what we’ve got in the current pilot.

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If both of those scripts come in well and the pilot does, too, do you do three more Game of Thrones shows?
(Laughs) All theoretical and all high-class problems! Who knows?! I’m not ruling it in, and I’m not ruling it out! I’m trying my best not to give you definitive answers to fuel speculation.

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