Tonto Dikeh or King Tonto as she calls herself has revealed why she has been noticeably absent from the acting scene

While speaking in an Interview in which she talked about Nollywood and her career at length with Plus TV Africa, the mother of one said:  “I have done everything when it comes to acting. I have played every role there is. I did so much in such a short time. But right now, there’s not much of a challenge in the industry, the story lines are the same. I can count about 2 or 3 movies that wowed me and I would’ve loved to be in. There’s no fierceness or adrenaline rush when watching Nigerian movies, no action, no environment, we need to do more,” she said.

“I have thought of producing a movie, but I haven’t because it’s not something I love. Producing is not for everybody. I have sponsored a couple of movies made by friends. Genevieve has inspired me that it can be done, so maybe I’ll do one hit but I don’t think it is something I can do consistently,” she replied when asked what moves she was making to change the narrative.

Commenting on her beginning and the present state of Nollywood, she stated; “I never wanted to act, I would’ve made it big as an engineer if I had stuck to that but the acting was something that just came along. I starred in a reality TV show back in 2005 by mistake which was my introduction into the industry. Nollywood is in a good place but can be better with more involvement, investment, commitment, sponsorship. We in the industry are the ones making piracy thrive because some of us put it in the hands of those people.”

“Engineering would’ve been more tasking for me but being the popular actress that I am, I gain more favours in the most unlikely places. Acting is much easier than engineering could’ve been, but thanks to God for putting the right things in my hand. I was very naive growing up and the reality TV show opened my eyes to a lot of things and basically shaped me for the entertainment business,” she continued.

Speaking about the oversaturation of fame seekers on reality TV shows today she said “Wanting fame is not the issue. But position yourself in a way that you don’t lose focus of your original goal. There is always a price for popularity.”

On being asked her relationship with Nigerian male-barbie, Bob Risky, she acknowledged an existing friendship but also made it clear that she won’t discuss her friends with anybody or for any reason.

On her brief musical career, she said; “Music wasn’t my strong point so I have shifted my focus to other things now. If the opportunity arises to do one or two things I will, but I’m not itching for it.”

Talking about her spirituality and ‘writing in tongues Tonto said; “As long as artiste can sing gibberish on their songs, it’s assumed it was written. Same way I write in tongues. Christianity is a personal race; therefore, nobody can question how I relate with my God.”