South African Rapper, Nasty C, has said that he would love to work with Phyno, Don Jazzy and Mut4y. The rapper also compared living in  Lagos to some places in his home country in a recent feature on Ndani TV’s #37Questions. Nasty C who paid a visit to Nigeria few days back, talked about his love for Jollof Rice, and general misconceptions about his person.

“Lagos is a little like Johannesburg; fast, furious, infectious. Everybody is hustling, everyday. It’s like Durban cos of the Beach and partying, cos despite being such a fast-paced city everybody is still calm,” the Rapper said, comparing Lagos to Durban and Johannesburg.

Defining his sound and his person, the rapper commented; “My sound is expressive and unapologetic. It is not for the fainthearted or too-sensitive people. It’s jiggy but I experiment a lot. People think I’m stuck up and always too serious. They think cos I’m a superstar that I’m not human, but I’m just a crazy dude that lives joking around most of the time.”

“I just met Phyno and would love to work with him. I definitely wanna work with Don Jazzy and Mut4y. I’m doing a table book titled – Coolest Kids In Africa – that’s gonna shine a light on different kids from around Africa who are making impacts in their communities and Africa at large,” Nasty replied, talking about Nigerian artists he would like to work with and a possible African project.

Answering a question about Nigerian dishes he loves, he said; “I haven’t really been introduced to Nigerian traditional dishes. But I had Jollof and I had plantain which I don’t like. Plantain tastes like i warmed up a banana and i like my bananas as it is.”

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