Rapper cum Actor, Falz, in a recent interview on SilverBird Television commented on a few issues of concern surrounding his personality, as he also discussed preparations for the second installment of his ‘Falz Experience’ Concert.

“If you’re making this kind of music, you have to always be ready for the worst. Of course, ‘This is Nigeria’ was banned. We’re still in court. But I have my fundamental rights so you can’t really stop that regardless of what body you are,” Falz shared, commenting on his ongoing case with NBC for banning his ‘This Is Nigeria’ single.

Addressing a question about his religious belief, the Rapper said; “I’m not an atheist. I believe there is a God. But I believe in spirituality over religion. The most important thing is spirituality and your personal connection with God.”

Commenting on his mom’s complaints during his ‘Moral Instruction’ album listening session, over her son’s habit of not going to church, Falz responded; “I have nothing against the church or going to church; everyone has the right to practice the religion they desire but personally, as a Christian, it has been a while that I have been to church. It does not make me less of a Christian.”

According to the musician, any time he had been in church, too much attention was put on him than the activities of the church.


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