Simi is back in the studio again, even after doling out her ‘Omo Charlie Champagne’ album recently, but this time she is showing off her production skills with the release of her first self-produced track titled “Small ting.”

Simi made “small ting” after she took a few production classes, revealing what she has learnt so far with the  track titled – ‘Small Ting’

The talented singer accompanied the song with a studio recorded video, showing her singing along to her cheeky lyrics, while seated behind her production console. She shows off her sound engineering skills with little freestyles and throwaway tracks over time, reminding her fans how versatile she is.

Commenting on the production of the song on her Instagram page, Simi said; “This is the actual first beat I’ve made. It was a project for class. I wanted it to mean something, and so I wrote/recorded a song on it.”

On the song, Simi comically sings about the realities of society today, pointing out how little things are usually exaggerated, turning them into big deals, for no reason. She also mixed and mastered the track. So what do you think about it?

Watch below and tell us what you think about it