Rave of the moment, Teniola Apata alias Teni D’Entetainer seems to be making it a point of call to be in the news as much as possible in the past few months. With hit songs topping charts, shutting down shows and remaining positive, the artiste has proven herself a star in all ramifications; even turning shots thrown at her on social media into songs, keeping the entertainment going no matter what.

Teni, in a recent interview with ‘Sunday Scoop’,  stated that though her music has taken her beyond her wildest imaginations, she is yet to unleash the total package of what she has to offer the world.

“To be honest with you, I am amazed by how far I have come in a short while but I can also assure you that you have not seen anything yet. I still have a lot in stock. As a matter of fact, I have barely started. I am usually overjoyed when I see people singing my songs word for word with so much passion. I love to make people happy and I have been able to do that with my music. I have very big dreams as far as my career is concerned and I can only tell you to keep your fingers crossed,” she said.

Teni also went on to praise her big sister Niniola, who is also making waves in the same industry,, stating that she is actually one of her biggest inspirations and influences in the industry.

“I have a very wide taste in music; so, I listen to all sorts and that influences me in different ways. However, in the industry here in Nigeria, Niniola and Davido are among my biggest influences. Davido is a wonderful person and I recall the first time I met him was in Los Angeles, US. He advised me to stay focused on my music career and I would succeed. I am happy that has come to pass. As for Nini, she practically taught me how to sing and it is something I will always appreciate. My late father also loved music and he usually played songs a lot in the house. He really loved all his children and he did a lot to build our confidence and self esteem. Many times, I wish he were here to see what we have made of our lives,” Teniola commented.

Briefly speaking on private life and a possible romantic involvement with anybody, the singer  said, “For now, music is my primary focus. Of course, at some point in the future, I will like to have a family of my own but for now, I am in a relationship with my music.”