Budding filmmaker, Faraday Okoro, is reportedly set to commence production for his next film, “Prelude to a Crime” which he says will tackle the menace of police brutality.
It is a legal drama set within a jury’s deliberation as they wrestle with the confounding facts and implications of an explosive case in front of them – a police officer on trial for shooting an unarmed black man.
“I’ve always wondered what happens behind the scenes in court cases like these, and exploring the problems facing our criminal justice system is more important than ever,” Faraday shared.
The filmmaker is no stranger to using movies as a platform to tackle controversial topics. His debut feature, the award-winning “Nigerian Prince”, explored the internet fraud phenomenon that has largely tainted the Nigerian image.
Although there is no official release date for “Prelude to a Crime” yet, Okoro has announced that he will be directing the film alongside Andrew Lauren Productions (ALP), an exciting collaboration he says, due to their knack for telling relevant and thought-provoking stories.