The quality of songs taking over the airwaves these days is an unending topic of discussion. Iconic musician Sunny Neji is not left as he has weighed in on the conversation and shared his thoughts on the worth of the songs – love songs – these days.

The “Oruka” crooner said in a chat with Punch, “I think music should be deeper than what it is now. Music should be entertaining, and also healing. If you observe the world today, it seems people are losing their humanity. That’s because there’s something missing and music is supposed to fill such vacuum. We need to bring good music back again. I’m not saying we’ll do it the way it used to be; we would do it better.”

His sentiments could not be better said.

It is relieving to know that Sunny Neji is planning to fete his fans with some good music too as he disclosed his plans to host a concert to take place later in the year. “I am currently working on a concert called “Timeless” that would hold between October and November. We are trying to put up a concert that would challenge lots of artistes to match the quality. It is a way of challenging everybody to work harder. I am sure that the whole country is going to be very proud of it. I have heard a lot of people complain about the quality of songs and concerts out there but I don’t like to get involved in that argument because I believe music is subjective. So, I just pursue what I think should be. We tend to set what we consider the standard,” he revealed.