Richard Mofe-Damijo, popularly known as RMD has striking words regarding cosmetic surgery and its implication on an individual’s self-worth.

RMD shook tables and went ahead to shatter them when he took to his Instagram last Sunday, May 26 to say his mind. He said that trying to get validation by bragging on social media or touching up ones body is not the key to happiness. He added that it is only insecure people that feel the need to show off all the time.

He wrote: “Having been there and done that, I can tell you for free that weight loss, weight gain, butt enlargement, boob lift, marriage, buying/building your own house, having kids, wearing expensive clothes and shoes CANNOT make you truly happy. Mostly, the things we do to show others we are beautiful, made, tough and/or connected are things that magnify our insecurities. A man who is secure in himself has no urge to flaunt wealth, I’m yet to see Alh. Dangote posts a picture of his “machines” or of him “chilling in his private jet”.

A woman who is secure in her looks has no urge to go under the knife for enhancement, think Michelle Obama. True happiness comes from knowing who you are (self-discovery) and loving yourself, “even though…” Anyone who can live without caring about the validation of others is the one who has found true happiness.✌🏽Outfit: @mudiafrica01 @mudiafrica #RMDSaysSo #SelfDiscovery #SelfValidation #SelfLove,” he wrote.

Do we need to point out that this table has a number of your #WCWs on it? No, okay.

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