On the latest episode of “Just Say It”, an Ndani TV special, social media influencer Akinola Stephen, popularly known as ‘Steevane’ rants about a few of the heart-rending misconceptions on the social media space and how it affects the people that actually know how it all works.
“Every random person calls themselves ‘PR’ these days once they gain a few followers on Instagram or Twitter. Some people don’t even know the meaning of the acronym before they use it, when all they actually do is send WhatsApp BCs,” he shared.
“Another annoying thing is the idea of social media influencer. Some people just say rubbish on Twitter, get retweets and when they wake up in the morning they automatically have it written in their Bios. If you don’t have a niche and you’re not an authority then you can’t influence anything. How many of them can actually boast of influencing the public’s decision?” Steevane added.
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