Media girl and fashion entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa is not having it with the jokes Bovi made about her body.

She aired her mind in a now deleted post made on her Instagram on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. Apparently, Bovi had made one joke too much and although the joke about her new butt was not the issue, it was his bashing the procedure that got to her.

She wrote:”Never done this before but there’s always a first. Dear @officialbovi First off, I actually don’t even think you are funny, more like annoying. Making a joke about my ass was really cute but one thing my dear friend, my doctor is a Gee, he got it right the first time. Just so you know cos That’s the shit that pissed me the fuck off!!!!! P.S, You ain’t shit. Signed. TM.”

Bovi’s joke was made during his comedy show. He has not reacted to her outburst and if he does that in public, we will keep you updated.

Toke Makinwa had a cosmetic surgery in 2018 (this is no news) and was very vocal about it. She revealed that she had gone under the knife in a tweet on Thursday, December 27, 2018.

She tweeted: “This year I stopped complaining and changed things. I hated my body, I fixed it, (best decision ever). I hated hanging around certain people who made me feel small; I dropped them, I learnt to forgive (I still struggle but it’s a journey), I learnt to be at peace. #2018Lessons.”