Larry Gaaga is that industry guy that has been able to get the best of songs out of your favourite Nigerian music stars. Truth is nobody on the outside actually knows what he does, all we know is once Larry Gaaga churns out new music, nine times out of ten the songs are pretty dope.

Low featuring Wizkid is no exception. In fact I dare say it’s one of the waviest of songs he has put out recently.

Wizkid is a “Star Boy” in every sense of the phrase when it comes to music in Nigeria, Africa and even globally. He knows his music, he’s got the vocals and he sure knows how to make hits.

I’d love to talk about the instrumentals of this song first, you know when it’s said that a beat is banging? Yeah, that’s what Blaq Jerzee made with this one. The beat is so intoxicating that it’s almost impossible for a musician like Wizkid not to deliver superbly. The beat is a combination of different elements (the baselines playing at the background my favourite), perfectly blended to deliver arguably one of the best songs in 2019 from Nigeria.

Star boy being a ladies man, was in his zone with the love song, little wonder he made an already hot record even hotter with his delivery and lyrics. It is rare having Wizkid do more than two verses on a song with him actually singing. But on “Low” he did four verses, and did it exceptionally well. He owned the song and delivered a class act.

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Baby say your matter na matter, My sheri koko make I pet you like Tata oh, Only one girl wey fit high me like Lager oh, Every time I see your face na so I dey stagger oh,

Go down on the low, down on the low, Make you do am on the low, do am on the low, Baby no one else should know, no one else should know, Baby ma pariwo, ma pariwo.

Clearly intoxicated by her love, Wizkid woos a lady with the sweetest of words and metaphors on this song. Willing to keep the love on the low, no public display of affection, no dramas, no controversies, and just pure love, something almost impossible for celebrities of his caliber.

When I buy, I buy with for two, Baby girl na me and you, For long time na you I choose, But I beg make you choose me. This kind love is stupid, this kind love is foolish, But na dis kind love man dey want, Yeh

See your love dey sweet my body, E dey make me want to spend money yeh, See your love e dey sweet my body, E dey make me want to spend money yeah

On this verse it’s clear he has a herculean task convincing the girl to reciprocate his love, he’s willing to buy her the good things, he knows this is a case of love being blind, but he’s willing to risk it all, because according to him, that’s the type of love everyone wants.

The chorus of the song is catchy, the typical sing along type of hook. It’s on the chorus the baselines and the sharp/distinct melodious horn is prominent.

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This record is a monster record, from the masterpiece beat by Blaq Jerzee, to Wizkid’s ingenuity with the delivery, it’s one that’ll definitely hooked.