After blessing his fans with his ‘About 30’ sophomore album in 2018, followed by some colourful visuals and new singles too, newly wedded Adekunle Gold may be ready to dole out another project as he announced that he will be releasing his third studio album this year.

Consistently keeping his fans connected with his continuous mastery of his craft and beautifully composed tracks, his fans have something to look forward to while still jamming to his latest ‘Before You Wake Up’ single.

Speaking about the upcoming album, Adekunle Gold said: “I’m cooking something extra special for you. Your friends who are not fans will have a lot to say, or maybe they will become believers; I don’t know. I am having a blast creating what I’m creating. I want to have fun, not tied down by genres or being incarnations of someone else’s creation in the past.”

“I am genuinely loving this expression of myself and I am itching like someone touched me with werepe to share it with you,” he added comically.

Already proven himself in his few years in the industry, his versatility and commitment to creating pure art is unmatchable. With no proposed title or official  release date to look forward to yet, his teaming fans can be sure to keep their fingers crossed and wait to be amazed again by another of his projects.