Show Dem Camp is back to redirect our attention to their star-studded ‘Palmwine Music 2’ project which was released in 2018, with the release of colourful video to one of the favourite tracks on the album, ‘Tropicana’, which features fast-rising singer Flash.

In true SDC technique, ‘Tropicana’ is a cool and mellow song, on which Flash impresses as SDC member, Ghost steals the show with his impeccable penmanship. The song is filled with each artiste speaking about their own girl, explaining all the reasons they belong with the girl of their dreams. For the visuals, the three acts take to a beach in Lagos, surrounded by beautiful women.

Speaking about the song, SDC had earlier said:  “It’s just celebrating beautiful girls all over the world. We need more song like that because too many rap songs dehumanise and belittle the status and incredible power of black women.”

“The clip was shot in the exact kind of setting you’d expect the breezy song to be played at, and that ends up making the track even more enjoyable to listen to,” a fan commented.