Popular Nigeria actress and model, Adesua Etomi-Wellington has shared her concerns over the rising spate of oppression via social media.

Although social media platforms have added value to people around the world; helping us stay connected and providing new avenues to market products among other things, it has also brought with it certain unquantifiable ills.

Social media might have been the pivot point through which a less privileged man received help or the tool that made small businesses experience a boom but it has opened the way for cyber bullying, peer pressure and indiscriminate exposure to rated content.

Adesua tweeted about how people seek validation by taking comfort in the number of followers they have on social media. She wrote: “Welcome to this generation, where people can now abuse you based on the number of followers you have. E.g “see her/him…she/he doesn’t even have up to 500k followers.” Like…I mean…but wait…see ehn? Followers! Is that now what validates us?”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like something that will end anytime soon. It is important that people however, realise that the there is a difference between an avatar and a real person.