Soul music singer, Timi Dakolo, is back with news from his ‘yard people’, as he fondly calls his wife and kids; but this time his three kids are the only features on this episode.

The ‘Iyawo Mi’ singer who is known for the theatrics he adds via caption to every  post he makes on social media is currently on vacation with his family in Dubai. In true Dakolo form, posted a picture on Instagram of the whole ‘yard crew’ at breakfast with a caption that stated how he had asked his children what they don’t like about him or things he does that they don’t like.

According to him, his children had not minced words as they went at him, his first daughter Hallel leading the pack; “Daddy you shout too much. Don’t run on the stairs, drop my phone now, turn of that TV now. Respect your brother, This is my house Hallel, this is my house. Turn off that TV or i will disconnect it. Hallel those are not real tears, leave my room o.”

The only other man in the yard, his 8-year-old son bore his heart out saying, “You are too harsh on me, you still won’t let me play PS4 even if I have nothing to do, you always shout ‘respect your sisters’ even if they look for my trouble a lot. When we go out on family meeting you talk a lot, you keep repeating the same thing and we are children, we just want to play and watch TV But you don’t let us. You bought iPads for us but you always hide it.”

The baby of the house, Zoe, came in guns-a-blazing with her own grudges, saying; “You don’t let me wear what I want, you always say that is for outing, you never let me sleep in your room but you call me baby of the house and you lie. Daddy you will say you will come back soon but you don’t come back all and you travel a lot. You say I have money in the bank but when i say I want more clothes, you say no money Zoe.”

The artiste cheerily ended the post with a question; “My people, what is my crime?! #MYDUBAI #DUBAI #ENJOYINGDUBAI #YARDPEOPLE #FAMILY #FAMILYVACATION #SUNNYDUBAI.”