Nigerian celebrities have continued to react to the unlawful killing of Kolade Johnson, the young man who met his untimely death at the hands of SARS operatives this past Sunday.

The #EndSARS hashtag on twitter which was used to protest against police brutality last year resurfaced, but this time artistes like Burna Boy, Ycee and a couple others have decided that the talk is enough and tweets are enough, advocating for proper action from Nigerian youths.

“Till we are really ready to fight SARS… I’m not talking about any protest or aimless marching. Nobody should include me in any #EndSARS hashtag because you’re wasting my time and yours. Until then let us pray that our turn to die at the hand of SARS never comes… RIP to those who have died unjustly at the hand of SARS.” Burna Boy wrote.

“I’m tired of tweeting hashtags and shit. When we’re ready to hit the streets sign me up.” Ycee tweeted.

“We have to do better than hashtag. We have continuously dealt with and endured the woes of a failed system and it has clearly become used to our voices being smothered and unheard. We cannot create change from our comfort zone.” Eva Alordiah wrote.

“This administration is the most insensitive ever in our history. So we voted another 4years of bullshit?” Falz tweeted.

According to recent reports, SARS operatives connected to the killing, who had fled the scene immediately after the incident have been taken into custody for questioning and investigation and will be tried in a conventional court, depending on the outcome of the investigations.