The first set of housemates to leave the Big Brother House last weekend, Avala and Isilomo were guests at Pulse TV where they had an extensive chat about their experience in the house. Avala even revealed that she thinks Jeff is a fakey.

Read excerpts below:

On their relationship with other housemates in the house;
Isilomo said: “I don’t know if anybody really liked me, I wasn’t really paying any attention to any of that. For me, I think people that are naturally like me aggravate to me and if don’t, you don’t and it’s fine. But there were certain people in the house that I might have had a tussle with in the first couple of days but it didn’t mean anything to me, it just met that I just needed to make it known that I didn’t need to be messed with. I think they were all fantastic but I think we were all very aware of the fact that we were playing a game.”

Avala said: “In the house, i didn’t get to know a lot of people but I could say I didn’t like Jeff and I stated that very clearly because of what was going on with our team and he was one of the reasons I was evicted but I got along with almost everybody.”

On Jeff and his supposed “fakeness”, Isilomo added: “The patronising things that Jeff says. He is fake we know these things and the things he says, we live with him, we know, he is a fake ass human being so all that is rubbish, he just saying that because shey he got screening time because we are saying it…talk about it on Pulse.”

“Jeff and Kim are playing the game but I just don’t do fake, personally. So if you are being fake, don’t come and act like we are friends, do the fake thing on your side but don’t come and smile on my face which is why I’m really irritated by the slapping statement. That is just the kind of things he says so we can discuss it on Pulse,” she said.
Watch full interview below: