After releasing her debut project “Things Fall Together”, Falana went away for up to four years. In her time away, she studied the works of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and made a stunning discovery – Fela often performed his songs before recording them.

Adopting the legend’s way of doing things, Falana took to performing songs first and then analyse and adjust them to suit her mood or emotions at the time. Emulating this act gave her more clarity and led to her evolution as an artist.

This evolved Falana was collated and shrunken into a new body of work titled “Chapter one”, dropping on March 29.

“Chapter One is a new experience… I have improved as a songwriter, there is a more distinct sound like you hear this and there is no confusion when you hear it. People will be able to say she created something new that represents herself, represents her journey and I can relate to it.”

“Repeat”, produced by Nicole Sison is the first single off “Chapter One” and it is out in both audio and video. The video directed by Hanna Raschl-McRonald.

The video casts its focus back to revolutionary times. It throws light on the accomplishments of women to suit the spirit of the month of March.

Watch “Repeat” below:


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