Nigerian rapper, Falz known for criticizing social issues and ills affecting the society through music, in a recent media hangout themed ‘Falz Day’, has spoken about the issues of fraud among Nigerian youth and the bad image it is creating for the country in diaspora.

“I have always said and perhaps I was the first person to even get backlash for this. I have never been a fan of celebrating cyber crime. But I will say it again. Cyber crime is wrong, it is giving us a terrible name especially outside Nigeria,” Falz stated.
He also commented on the ongoing cyber fraud case of Naira Narley with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC); choosing to address it from a more general point of view.
He said, “Cyber crime is destroying our youths and I understand the sentiment of people not being privileged, feeling that they don’t have opportunities but what about people that are out there, actually putting in an effort, working and toiling day and night through legitimate means and not just taking from someone else.”

The wordsmith who released his socially conscious album titled “Moral Instruction” earlier this year, explained further.
“You may be thinking that the person falls for it. I believe that you should live your life and let others live their life as long as yours do not affect others, then you can do whatever you like. But when you are taking from someone else, it’s an offence and a crime against humanity. It is bad. I never subscribe to that, and will never be.”