Afro-beats Singer, Femi Kuti recently aired his views on the abundance of inadequacies plaguing upcoming talents on the African continent and artists who have been able to achieve greater success away from their home countries.

In a keynote session with Music Editor, Kam Tambini of Midem Music Conference, the artist discussed the future of Afro-beats and his legacy, as he encouraged new artists to study their craft, advocating for better learning institutions on the continent for aspiring artists and musicians.

“Music inspires every other profession. Music is a medium that higher forces use to give people joy and love,” Kuti said, likening being an artist to being a doctor and helping to alleviate listener’s pain.

Speaking about passing on his musical legacy to his son who is also an artist, Femi Kuti reiterated the importance of young artists pursuing music out of passion, instead of fame. The artist was also named Midem 2019 Artist Ambassador, as Producer Sodi joined him on stage to speak about his experience working with both Fela and Femi Kuti, and resisting making “standardized African music.”

In the interview, the celebrated Afro-beats musician and head of the New Afrika Shrine, speaks on his vision for empowering new African musicians, in Nigeria and other parts of the world, with the current status of the Afro-beats genre which his father originated and the power of music in addressing pressing global issues.

Midem is an annual Music Conference, described as “the leading music industry event for the music ecosystem” is currently ongoing in Cannes, France and the renowned musician was enlisted to give an extensive talk.

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