Early this month, Comedian and now Dr. Helen Paul revealed that she was born out of rape and that her family and friends of her mother told her that she would not amount to much in life.

Helen shared these very personal story in an inspiring message when she received Doctorate degree in Theatre Arts. She dedicated the degree to her mother, thanking her mother for her unwavering support over the years. She had said “I grew up hearing from family members; being called a “Bastard” and each time i asked you, you said (Olorun lon wo omo werey, Olorun ma wo e meaning God watches the child of a mad person, he’d watch over you).”

In a chat with BBC News Pidgin, she speaks about growing up knowing that she was a ‘rape child’, surpassing the hurdles mounted against her and ending up to become successful in her career.

She also hinted that she was writing a book.

Watch her interview: