Smart and witty schoolgirl, Success Adegor is on the cover of the May 2019 Children’s Day issue of MediaRoomHub’s magazine.

Remember that little girl that was so distraught about being thrown out of school for not paying her tuition fees? She is not just back in school but has received a platform to inspire Nigerians to ensure that good education remains a priority for the Nigerian child.

According to MediaRoomHub: “The Success incident came with a lot of controversies which prompted us to travel to Sapele to interview her and her parents. Thus, in this conversation with us, Success talks about how she met Stephanie, whether or not her parents appreciated Stephanie thereafter, how the incident was actually one of several others in the past, how some public figures used her situation for publicity, her future ambition, how she feels about stardom and more.”

Visit to read her feature for and more.

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