Since the release of his first single titled ‘Filebe’, Iledare Oluwajuwonlo popularly known as Jaywon has been on a constant wave.

With hit after hit, he has proven himself as more than just a pushover on the Nigerian music scene. Carving a niche for himself over the years with the release of hit singles, Jaywon has made it obvious that he was slowly and earnestly winding his way to his true spot, as one of the top guns on the scene.

Speaking on various issues in a recent interview on Channels Television, Jaywon hinted on a forthcoming album he is putting together for his teaming fans;

“I have been working on an all-African collaboration album, with artistes from different parts of Africa. I have at least ten collaborations. It’s huge and even bigger than me as a brand, so I’ve been taking my time to perfect it,” he said, also adding that he had titled the unfinished project, ‘Coat of Many Colours’.

Following his exit from the Kennis Music label, Jaywon launched his own label called Next World Music in 2013. His biggest hit so far being the single titled ‘Odun Yi (This Year)’ which was released in December 2012, gaining him so much critical and commercial acclaim and stamping his position as ‘one of the most recognisable voices in the industry’.