Nigerian Movie Producer/Actress, Omoni Oboli, took to her social media during the week to defend herself and fellow celebs who have been chastised for not getting as involved as they should know matters that affect the country and its citizens.

On Thursday, the mother of three took to her Instagram account to make it public, some of the reasons celebrities tend to watch what they get involved as it concerns the masses, listing some points and reiterating that ‘one cannot win with a lot of Nigerians on some issues’.

“You can’t win with a lot of Nigerians. If you don’t speak up for them, they castigate you! If you speak up, they insult you! What do y’all want?!!!,” she wrote.

The post continues: “This is something that really bothers me! Let’s discuss it! I don’t blame celebs and public figures when they keep quiet about the issues that affect us all because the backlash lash is always so much. It makes no sense at all. Most of these issues let’s be honest, affect the common man the most but they are the ones that will insult your family if you dare speak up!

“So because someone bought a car or a house, they have no right to talk about the suffering of the masses? Listen, no matter how much money you have in Nigeria today, you are poorer because you are spending more than you should cos the cost of living is higher and the standard of living is very poor,” she concluded.