Media entrepreneur Linda Ikeji is on Business Day’s The CEO Magazine cover. She talks about starting out as a blogger and branching out to try other things with Lehle Balde. She also shares tips for success.

She speaks also about her plans for 2019 and her legacy. Read excerpts from her interview below:

On what inspired her to be a blogger in the year 2006 when it was still an unfamiliar territory in Nigeria, she said: “Growing up I wanted to be a journalist, I applied for Mass Communication in University but was placed in English. I have always had a passion for journalism and being the one to break the news. My role models at the time were Abike Dabiri, Frank Oliseh, Funmi Iyanda. I realized then that my passion was to write and to be a news bearer. When I discovered blogging, I saw that it was the next thing to journalism because it gives you a platform to put out something others can read and it was born from that.

On when she started making off her blog, she said: “It was in 2012. I started making money in late 2010 which was a one-off. Early in 2011 was when I started making more money and advertisers started seeing my blog as a channel to advertise and the rest is history. I started having a few million in my account and that was the first time I ever has that much money in my account. I was hesitant about spending just in case the income stopped. A year after that, it tripled and in 2012, I was like “WHAT?!” then I realized it was all going to get better going forward.”

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On what to expect from her in the course of the year, she said: “Well, the blog has been there for 12 years, it’s thriving and doing well, so currently my focus is on Linda Ikeji TV, for the digital agency, it’s just new, I have my employees who are doing very great work there but my primary focus is the Linda Ikeji TV, the online platform that I launched last year.


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