Motherhood is part of life that we cannot ignore and women have the blessing to bear that title.

Being a mother is a mystery and a powerful phenomenon that is worth celebrating everyday so, if you have only called your mother, wife or maybe sent a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” text to either or both of them then you need to spice things up.

What you need is some great music and we have just the list for you.

First is Prince Nico Mbaga’s “Sweet Mother”: This song is to any and every motherhood celebration what Sunny Neji’s “Oruka” is to wedding ceremonies. With lines like “Sweet Mother, I no go forget you” how are we not expected to melt?

Dipo Sodipo’s “Iya Ni Wura”: It wasn’t just his baritone voice that made this song special, it is the message behind what he sings. He simply says “Mother is gold”  a direct translation of “Iya NI Wura”. If your mum is not gold, I wonder who is?

Jesse King’s “Mummy”: The period that gave us Lagbaja gave us Jesse King and we are still grateful. He sang “Mummy” on his 2006 debut album “Buga”. Although the song is in Yoruba, he sings a translation that says: “Mummy, you will live long, Mummy you will reap the fruit of your labour. Whoever says this won’t happen will go blind, will break his hand and get hit by a truck.”

Asa “So Beautiful”: This beautiful and mellow ballad is infused with Asa’s signature acoustic guitar chords and the usual undertones of a bass guitar. She appreciated her beautiful mother by calling her a god on earth. Asa sings “Orisa bi iya o si laye” which translates to “There’s no oracle like the mother on earth”. She did not lie.

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Davido “Wonder Woman”: One of the new with the old, right? This song choice might be a little cliché but Davido celebrate the mothers in his life, his girlfriend and a number of other strong women who he recognises in the song.