Korede Bello has few words to share about gaining financial freedom

If you missed church, Nigerian artiste Korede Bello has a short sermon for you, his fans and his followers. It is about the proper way to channel your prayer request especially when it’s about getting money.

Bello took to his Instagram page to share a video in which he spoke candidly about gaining financial freedom. He resumed his sermon by shooting a rhetorical question where he suggested that people should stop asking God for money.

He went on to add that God might not be in the business of issuing hard cash but he does grant people talents that can be used to create wealth. As if to further drive home his point, he included that people should equally stop asking their fellow humans for financial assistance. He explained this thought with the reason that it is better off when somebody is looking for solution to a problem or how they can be of service to another person than it is to beg for money.

He captioned the video: “Maybe we should stop asking God for money… Is HE Central bank? #MyThinkingCap”

See the video below: