Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo popularly known as Nino B might have only been active in the Nigerian movie industry for just a little over four years but his appearance in numerous movies has him permanently stamped in our minds as a star.

The actor is well known for his penchant for accepting playboy-type roles (who can blame him, really? He has just the right physique) leading his fans to assume he is single or at worst, having marital troubles.

In a chat with Punch, Nino B clears the air about his marriage saying that everything is just fine with him and his wife.

He said “I started acting after I married my wife and she was okay with my decision. I was an accountant at some point in America before I came to Nigeria to become an actor. I have a very supportive wife and things are not always easy for everybody as there are ups and downs in life, however, I cannot talk about yesterday because it is in the past but all I can tell you is that my wife and I are doing very fine.

“She loves me and I love her as well. She is not based in Nigeria, luckily for me. I work every time and sometimes, I have to travel so I am very busy. I am not a saint but I am a very serious minded person. I work every day and have no time for women. I have had that share of my life. I thank God for grace. I am not saying that I am a perfect human being but I try to do the little that I can do.”

On his constant appearance as a bonafide playboy in movies, He said, “Some people may see me as a playboy but it is an act. I am human and I am a man; I have had my fair share of women and playing around but I can only speak of what I have done. This is who I am. What people think of me differs but when I think of myself, I think of the result of my life and what I do. The end always justifies the means. Women compliment me all the time that I am handsome but it does not go beyond that.”