Earlier this week, popular actor, Francis Odega made the news as he was recorded in a video while he allegedly threw his wife and her sister out of his house. The actor was also caught on camera threatening to stab his wife and saying the he didn’t care if was sent to jail for doing it.

Conversations gathered from the clip revealed that the actor might have stabbed his wife in the past when he acquiesced to having committed the crime previously, claiming he would repeat the action if pushed to.

According to a report by Punch, DSP Bala Elkana, the Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State Police Command, said the police would investigate the accused man in reaction to the video.

“We have not received a complaint from anybody on that issue. We have watched the video and our operatives within that area are mandated to commence investigation on the issue immediately. I don’t want to pre-empt investigation.

“We have to investigate the man because the allegation is about him. We have to listen to the wife, daughter, and sister who were witnesses. Professionally we have the mandate as police to investigate. I am going to update you on the outcome of the investigation,” he told Punch.