Award-Winning Actress, Scriptwriter, Director, Producer and Author, Omoni Oboli has shared some tips on gaining success in Nollywood.

In a recent interview on the ‘Binging with GameChangers’ TB show, the multilingual actress shared her journey so far with showhost, Seyi Banigbe.

“Everyone feels the pressure to want to stick to the security of a paid job. But I realised at a very early stage that it wasn’t for me and i wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I basically worked for a few months. I knew what I wanted so I went for it. If you’re thinking of quitting your job for Nollywood, save up alot cos Rome wasn’t built in a day. The disappointments are so much that not having money would make them worse,” the talented actress shared, on her career choice.

Giving reasons for her 10-year hiatus from Nollywood, Omoni shared; “I originally took time off to finish school. Everyone was dropping out then in Nollywood, it was cool and I was tempted because the money and connects were good. But I couldn’t because I didn’t want to disappoint my mum. Right after uni, I got married, had my first son, and we moved abroad. So the circumstances chose the time I spent away, it wasn’t actually intentional.”

Answering a question about how being raised by a single parent affected her, she said; “I would say being raised by my mum defined my drive for success, because I never wanted to disappoint her. When you realise that she’s working her butt off to support you, that thought kinda follows you everywhere you go.”

Speaking on how she has been able to balance being an Actor and Producer, Omoni Oboli shared; “Joggling acting and producing has come quite easy to me over time because when I’m the actor, I can interpret the Director’s idea quite well and when I’m the Director I know how to explain what I need to the Actor.”