Deluxe Lagos-based brand, Mich Lagos recently unveiled the latest in its bespoke collection, which is tagged “Debutante”. According to the brand spokesperson, the new collection is a representation of the style of every classy woman living a rich and fashionable lifestyle.

The “Debutante” collection features 8 Masterpieces carefully made with love, defining the  silhouette of any trendy woman. Each piece interprets the features of a debutante woman;

The Joelene Piece: Pretty,

The Aurelie Piece: Golden,

The Abella Piece: Breath,

The Elodie Piece: Foreign riches,

The Nicollete Piece: Victorious,

The Odette Piece: Riches and Wealth,

The Celine Piece: Heaven,

The Monet Piece: Noble


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