Actress Rosaline Meurer, and alleged mistress of Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill says that she is still friends with Churchill and has no plans of ending their work relationship.

According to Punch, Meurer stated that it would be difficult to quit working with Churchill being an ambassador for Big Church Foundation. She said, “Churchill is like a family member to me; so, why should I leave him? Even when the incident was fresh, I never thought of leaving Churchill because he didn’t leave me. Also, all Tonto said about me was false.”

On her relationship with Tonto Dikeh, she claimed not to have problems with her apart from her lies. She declared, “Everyone has their lives to live. I am living mine, and she should live hers too.”

The actress shared her thoughts on joining the industry when she did five years ago. “Before I came into the industry five years ago, I was always visiting Nigeria. I don’t regret joining the industry when I did.

Everything is about time and knowing the right people. Without connections and God, you can be acting for years without achieving anything,” she said.

On sexual harassment in the industry, she although she has not considered going nude for a movie role, she has not being a victim of sexual abuse. She said, “I cannot go nude or act sexual roles in movies; the most I can do is kiss. I even have to rehearse kisses sometimes. I know they say acting is not real but the sexual movement is real. I have yet to reach the stage I can freely act sexual roles.

“Also, to be honest with you, I hardly get sexual advances from men. If you come to me, I know how to talk to you and you would start seeing me as a nice and lovely friend.”