Nigerian singer, Simi, recently revealed that she’s not eager to discuss her marital or personal issues with the media. She blatantly declined questions related to her marriage to fellow singer, Adekunle Gold.

In a recent interview, the artiste spoke at length about her career, music and her debut as an actress in a recently premiered Kunle Afolayan flick titled ‘Mokalik’.

Speaking about expectations and what her fans should look forward to in the movie and her new album, Simi said: “The feeling is so real and unforgettable. I felt great shooting with some of the legends in the industry. It was something I had looked forward to for a long time, so when I heard that I would be part of the cast, I jumped at the opportunity because it was another way of showing the world the other side of Simi that they have never seen in play.”

A congratulatory message from the interviewer on her marriage to Adekunle Gold was met with a stern reply; “Please don’t let us talk about that. I won’t talk about that matter. So just drop the question.”

Another intrusive question about her personal life was met with yet another rebuff by Simi. “How soon are you settling down to have kids and build a family with him?”

She replied: “I am definitely not going to talk about family with the media. You won’t hear that from me. If there are other questions, I will love to speak about them but not about family or marriage. It’s a no!”