With the world going rapidly down unchecked tracks, it is no surprise Skales is switching up his dietary habits to become fully vegetarian. No more beef for Skales, guys.

The singer who recently visited India and expressed his amazement at how much he enjoyed being there despite having visited a number of other countries, shared his new preference in a statement to Punch. He said: “What most people do not know about me is that I am a vegetarian. I avoid eating meat to stay healthy.”

Maybe it was his trip to India that inspired this change as well as health concerns but he disclosed parts of his experience there calling it a “transformational experience”.
“Last December, my entire team and I were invited by one of the richest men in India. It was monumental to my career and person. We stayed at India’s best hotel, I got to taste the Indian food and experience their dance culture first-hand. It was epic. I remember I made some friends and they actually came from afar just to meet me. I’m glad they got to meet me because they said that their favourite afrobeat song is ‘Shake Body’. I mean, it was a validation that I was on the right path and that I was certainly making a mark globally. It was a transformational experience,” he said.

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