Actor Deyemi Okanlawon has advice for intending and already married couples – don’t make earning money the focus of your marriage (or relationship). Simple enough, right?

He goes ahead to explain what he means by this sentiment which comes at the back of his belated honeymoon with his wife in the City of Love – Paris.

According to The Punch, Deyemi revealed that the major reason for divorces and disunity in homes may be because of greed and both partners paying too much attention on making money. “It seems to me that nowadays, the inordinate affection for money is one of the greatest causes of issues and break-up in marriage. Men and women should understand the place of money and not turn it into a god that determines the time spent with their spouse or the peace in their household. Be progressive, productive and financially accountable – talk about your finances, as well as your plans to make, spend and save or invest money,” he stated.

On marital advice born out of his six years experience, he disclosed: “Before you decide to get married, first become the person you want to marry. If you want a godly person, be a godly person; if you want a successful person, be a successful person. The only time this principle will not work is if you want to marry a beautiful person and you are not beautiful; however, remember that inner beauty is what really counts”

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