Kenyan music artiste, Victoria Kimani has revealed that she has fallen for somebody that might not be interested in her.

She made this stunning revelation during her appearance on Betty Kyallo’s show on K24. The “China Love” singer said: “I am not dating anyone. There is someone that I would want to date, but I do not really think that he wants to date me. I think I go for the wrong kind of guys, I think I go for bad boys and that is not good.”


Taking that probable disappointment in stride, she painted a picture of what her ideal man should be like. When asked about the kind of guy she would love to date, she said that he should not be broke and needs to be swagged up. ”Swagged up, you know, successful, he needs to look good you know. Have a little bit of money, you cannot just be broke yooow,” she quipped.

”I do not want someone who is lazy because I am not lazy. I do not want someone who lacks vision; I want someone with a business mind because my business mind is not great. There need to be a balance,” she added in clarification.

Victoria Kimani dated footballer Victor Wanyama but they since parted ways.