Lovers of top actress, Whoopi Goldberg and fans of the TV show “The View” are in shock over the recent discovery about Whoopi’s near death experience.

The actress and talk-show host was forced to take a six-week leave in early February to fully recover after a bout of septic pneumonia. The experience has forced her to draw attention to the danger of pneumonia.

Whoopi’s doctor, Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, came on the show to share the dirty details about how she contracted the illness and what to look out for.

Recalling a phone call he got from the actress, Dr. Rodriguez said, “I could barely understand Whoopi, what she was saying. Her teeth were chattering, she was gasping for air.”

Rodriguez suspected she could have become septic – a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body has an extreme reaction to an existing infection, leading to organ failure.

Whoopi was rushed to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with double pneumonia and sepsis.

In a recorded message to her audience, she said, “I came very, very close to leaving the earth. Good news: I didn’t.”

Respiratory infections such as pneumonia are among the most common infections that cause sepsis. Signs of pneumonia include fever, cough with phlegm, sweating, shortness of breath and chills accompanied by shaking.

According to the Sepsis Alliance, the condition can be identified with the acronym TIME: temperature, which may be abnormally high or low, infection, mental status, which may be marked by drowsiness of confusion, and feeling extremely ill. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should immediately call a doctor and seek treatment.

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