In the spirit of celebrating women all through the month of March, we have compiled a short list of movies where women in lead roles have come around to be a favourite for many. From South Africa to Ghana and of course, Nigeria, we bring you our favorite female-lead movies

When Love Comes Around

Zynnell Zuh who plays the lead in this Ghana-Nigeria collaboration, is a lady whose ideology about love and getting rich are intertwined. Due to suffering heartbreak from an earlier relationship, she sets love aside to hunt for money. She looks to date only very rich guys, and possibly a royal but that person is not the chef who she will later find herself in love with. So she is trapped and forced to give up on her former belief about love.


This is movie addressing the African narrative that women over the age of 30 must be married. Isoken is 34 and her family is thrown into frenzy as she is unmarried. Everyone tries to pitch in to offer help but it is not her – her life is perfect to her. Her mother launches a matchmaking plan for her daughter to meet Osaze – a handsome and successful guy. But Isoken meets Kevin, a Caucasian, and chooses him instead because she sees what she truly needs in a partner. The movie touches all aspects of cultural and racial stereotypes as well as brings families together in the most emotive ways.

Journey to Self

The death of a woman leads her four childhood friends to embark of a journey of self-discovery. This odyssey comes after reading letters that their deceased friend had written to them detailing her life’s struggles. The movie sees each of the friends get a moment to analyse their lives and marriages in particular.

Happiness is a Four-Letter Word

Even with all the glamour, marriage, and success in life; Zaza, Princess and Nandi fail to achieve happiness. When they discover that even their seemingly perfect lives couldn’t offer them the happiness they need, each of them takes it upon themselves to find where true happiness is hidden.

Flower Girl

Kemi is a proper girl who has been in a long time relationship but gets impatient with its speed and wants to make things move faster. So she attempts to compel her boyfriend, Umar, to propose, but that ended badly and he ends the relationship instead. In a ploy to get her man back, Kemi formulates a hoax with a famous actor which ends up becoming a different type of story.