In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, Ninalowo Bolanle, popular actor known as Nino B took out time to express his true feelings for his partner of 15 years, Bunmi.

The post which was a message of gratitude was also a revelation to his fans as he gave a backstage pass to all that had happened behind the scenes, all leading up to the person they see and love on screen.

The actor revealed how his wife had been with him during his dark days, when everything wasn’t going right for him and when he had nobody to stand by him, and how she never left him or stopped believing I him.

“The inception, how it all began! I was duped, i was lost, i was depressed. Worried about all they will say about my failure, the mockery, the laughter, what a Shame… Bunmi walked with me and became my only comfort. The absolutely beautiful but simple and gentle young girl who gave up her voice for mines.”

“They mocked her, they laughed at her, they judged her and said she was just a dummy following a man and being controlled by his desires. It got so bad and the shame became unbearable. At a moment i said Enough!! And then relocated her to the states, to be in a better place while i faced it all. Then the bigger & bitter struggle begun and Pain set in.”

Nino B talked about how dogged and determined he became, turning the pain and wounds he encountered along the way into motivation that layer yielded success. He says he became ruthless and lost himself in the pursuit of his dreams and aspirations and came close to losing his wife due to the total disconnect that occured along the line.

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“Mommy sings it, God whispers it!! Never forget The days of Humble beginnings! 9yrs ago i shot my first film on relocating to Nigeria.

“The more she cried, the harder i went while becoming her enemy. Irony of life 🙂 i was punishing the same ones i was determined to protect and secure a greater future. Then her anger and enemity escalated and i began to hate her. The same woman i loved became the woman i never wanted to see eye to eye ever again.”

“The harder i went in achieving my core objective, the worse it became between us. Little did we know that we were still both fighting together for the vision we created but must also find ourselves individually in order to cherish and appreciate the blessings at the appointed time.”

“These were the darkest moments of my life but i smiled every day to and inspired myself by motovating others while i bled inside. It made be stronger, i found God. I read his words daily and understood him and his destined processes for man. I gained wisdom and made his WILL my only purpose and fear.”

In ending the post, he said; “Sometimes you gotta retract your steps to reposition yourself for the greatness destined for you. All you need to do is fear God and gain wisdom & understanding. All the adverities we faced are history.. We made it and with God we will continue to overcome. I ❤️ you B! The young girl who followed a lost BAD but determined boy! I told you 15yrs ago, i would make you Queen! You saw yourself as a girl who became a wife, i saw a Woman who will be Queen.”

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The actor also left us wanting more as he hinted on a possible tell all book which he has aptly titled – ‘Bolanle Ninalowo – The True Nollywood Story.’