Without publicity or branding, Agege bread has  managed to maintain popularity and acceptance on the Nigerian scene. However, producer/director, Chika Okoli, has decided to give insight into the origin of the sought after food item with a 14-minute long documentary.

Many agree that Agege bread tastes better than others, with some even joking that the poor conditions contribute to its superior taste. Given its popularity, it makes sense that Fresh Agege Bread be made into an interesting documentary.

Speaking to Okay Africa about the documentary, Chika Okoli said: “Agege bread is very popular in Lagos but shockingly, there is very little information about it online and the same can be said about other cultural elements that are significant to our way of life.”

“There is a huge knowledge gap in our society and now more than ever, a need for us as Africans to evolve from orally passing down our culture to digitally archiving them,” the director added.

The documentary gets the job done, as it skillfully takes viewers through the bread’s invention, rise in society, as well as, addressing some of the controversies around the health and safety measures applied in the production.

Agege bread is a mainstay in Nigerian cuisine, and even though it gets a really bad rep for the unsanitary conditions under which it’s typically made, it remains one of the most demanded and accessible food items in the country, Lagos especially.

Watch the documentary below

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