After his recent stint with the EFCC, one would expect that “Issa Goal” crooner, Naira Marley would get back on the scene with a tighter grip on his goals and clearer knowledge on how to present himself. But in true fashion of the haphazard artistry exhibited by some Nigerian musicians, he decided to drop a song as well as a dance to go for his “Marlians” (what his fans are called) called “Soapy”, which in actuality is – ‘the masturbation dance’.
Nigerians followed suit in usual manner to take on to the song and dance step as they do with every and any new development on the entertainment scene – from dance moves to fashion trends and even slangs, something Naira Marley has clearly taken advantage.
Following his release from EFCC custody, the artiste seemed like he had found the light and with his new found popularity attempted prison reform advocacy and a rumoured Nollywood debut. But ‘you can only force a donkey to the river…’, because his first opportunity to present himself as remorseful for even being connected with such controversy ended up in the most delinquent song of the 21st century including a disheartening public simulation of masturbation, which he calls a dance step.
With the alarming increase in sexually related offences in the country, developments like this shouldn’t be allowed to proceed to long before the coming generation think immorality a norm, bearing in mind that silence may also be perceived to be affirmation. A lady recently posted a video of a cab driver masturbating right beside her while driving, an awful sight but now people have a dance that encourages it?
A few concerned Nigerians have advised that musicians undergo mental examination before being allowed to put out anything, but is that enough to stop the scourge of inept musicians? People simply bothered about trends on Twitter and Instagram, not minding what they’re in the news for? Will that put a stop to the normalisation of sexual crimes and attempts?
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We can only hope that this sanity is restored someday to the music industry and what is allowed for public consumption.