From the moment ASA hinted us that new music was finally dropping, with a 10 seconds snippet, I could already tell that something good is coming.  The date, 14.05 finally came and as expected, “The Beginning” is yet another amazing work of art by the amazing songstress.

The piano starts off and bang, and the song begins

One of us must have a last say, words like dagger we tried to hurt each other, *Insert baseline* there’s no other way until one surrenders, we’ve been like this for days…

The opening lines paint a perfect picture of a turbulent relationship where things go south and the love gradually fades off. Both parties feel nothing but disdain and disgust for each other, with the couple doing everything possible to inflict the deepest hurtful words out of pain.

It continues on and on, until the love finally shatters with one of the couple finally having the guts to say goodbye. Typical of such situations, the other shouts good bye in return, both acting like they don’t want each other anymore more; days turn into weeks and then the regret sets in:

“When you said good bye with a smile on your face, I thought it was the usual, you’d just be gone for a little while, I didn’t see it coming, couldn’t believe until someone told me, that I’ve been waiting for years”

With the chorus ASA puts into words what regret must feel like: “Even though we near, like we far away, can you hear me can you hear me, let’s go back to the beginning, you and me

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At that point, you begin to hate yourself for throwing something good away, just because you at one point thought it was a competition of who could hurt the other more. The pride and stubbornness gradually fades off into regrets, tears and wishes for a new beginning.

None of us must have a last say, I’m writing you this letter hoping that we could make things clearer, over all the shouting, we forget to hear each other and I miss you for days, in so many ways…”

On many occasions, the new beginning happens, all it takes is for one person to remove that chip on the shoulder, swallow his/her pride and reach out to the other, but when the damage done is irreparable, there are no chances of a new beginning, and in many cases the goodbye was forever.

I’m not entirely sure what it is that has me connected and attached to the song, the fact that the lyrics speaks to my experiences, or that I’m a huge fan, or just because it’s actually a brilliantly written song backed up with the most soothing of instrumentals.