As much as you love your clothes, you may have wondered why some things are just there, like the extra fabric that comes with your new favorite dress. You might have just overlooked this and enjoyed the beauty of the clothes instead, well, it is high time you cared. Here are some pretty amazing facts you should know about what you’re wearing.
The extra fabric that comes with new clothes
I bet we all have thought the purpose of this extra fabric was to be used to patch our clothes in times of tear. Even though it could serve this purpose, that is not really why it is there. It’s given along with new clothes so different detergents could be tested on it before putting the whole clothes in for a wash. Genius right? The manufacturers don’t want you ruining your beautiful clothes.

The camouflaged loop behind shirts
The loop behind shirts are made solely for hanging them. We are all guilty of ignoring this little strip of clothes-help either by using hangers or by hanging shirts by the collar.

The crease on trousers
Ever wondered why most trousers crease in a certain way? Let me feed your curiosity, many years back when clothes were shipped from one country to another, they would be folded and kept in the shipping box so as to save space. Due to being folded for a long time, the trousers would develop these creases. Funny how it is now a fashion statement.

The string loops or ribbons inside blouses
Those annoying string loops or ribbons inside your tops you didn’t know what to do with were not there just to piss you off. They are meant to be used to secure clothes on hanger to keep them from over stretching. You don’t have to cut it off in annoyance next time, it is high time you accepted these loops the way they are.

The tiniest pocket on your jeans
Back in the day when jeans were just invented, these pockets were used by workers to keep their pocket watches safe. Isn’t that amazing! While there are no pocket watches anymore, these tiny pockets may be used to keep tiny accessories when they are not in use, ladies could even keep a hair bands inside just in case they get tired of leaving the hair down. Safety pins are other essentials that could be kept there.

Tiny studs on the pockets of your jeans
These studs are called rivets and their only purpose is to strengthen the pockets and keep it from tearing. Jeans became popular because of its durability, when they were just invented, they were worn by mine workers and the seams of the pockets would often tear due to the nature of their jobs.

The patch on your jacket with an unknown purpose
You probably thought it is just there to make it look even more beautiful. The actual reason you have a patch on the shoulder part of the cloth is to hold your handbag in place or any other thing with an extension that could be hanged. You’d have saved yourself the stress of adjusting your hand bags every time or could have even prevented your favorite bags from being snatched if you knew.

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