Brace for impact, people! Things are about to get spicy hot!
The long anticipated reality show, Big Brother Naija kicked off her fourth season with 21 housemates on Sunday June 30. This season already has the large number of firsts – first time having 21 housemates in the Big Brother house, first time the show is shooting entirely in Nigeria, first time winner takes home prize total of 60 million Naira and first time so many bodaceous babes and fine brothas (phew!)
Meet the Housemates:

    AVALA, 30 years old from Ogun State. She says she is in the house purposely for the money. She has made it clear that she is single and ready to mingle.
    KHAFI, 29 years old from Ekiti state. She is a police officer in London.
    OMASHOLA, 29 years old from Delta State. He is in it for the bag! He admits to being a talkative too.
    FRODD, 28 years old from Anambra State. He describes himself as “odd, a bit complicated and a 9-5 guy who is not an entertainer.”
    26-year-old IKE from Imo State wants to give viewers a show, drama and romance. He is also a model and asked that viewers expect a lot of attitude from him.
    ELLA is a giddy 30-year-old from Anambra state. She describes herself as single but not available. She promises to light up the house.


    27-year-old ISILOMO from Edo state says she is very adventurous, single and ready to receive applications.
    Fitness trainer, psychotherapist and part-time stripper, TUOYO who is 24 years old bluntly describes himself as a flirt.
    26-year-old NELSON from Rivers State says he is single and very available. Nelson is a masseuse and past Mr Universe Nigeria.
    28-year-old SIR DEE is a banker from Kogi state. He says he is in the house for the money and experience.
    SEYI is a 30-year-old from Ogun state known as ‘The Doctor’. The grandson of Obafemi Awolowo is not single but is in the house for the experience.
    Meanwhile, a very much excited 22-year-old ESTHER, a lawyer and “part-time hustler” from Imo State says she is in the house for the money and fun.
    26-year-old THELMA from Imo State is also in it for the money and experience, promises to spice up the house.


    GEDONI is a 31-year-old designer from Cross River who is single and ready to go all out in the show.
    DIANE is 23 years old from Kaduna. She says she is going to be herself and is in the house for the money. She adds that she is a terrible dancer but loves dancing.
    MERCY is 26 years old from Imo State. She is a video vixen who feels great and accomplished; and hopes the guys in the house will match her expectations.
    23-year-old TACHA hails from Rivers State and cannot wait to show the world herself. She adds that she loves to make money.
    JEFF is 30 years old from Anambra. He wants to have fun and cause trouble with the ladies.
    28-year-old MIKE is from Manchester and Lagos. He is married and openly declared his love for his wife. Mike is also a champion high jumper and will probably go for the Olympics in 2020.
    JACKYE is 23 years old who has only had one boyfriend her entire life. She relaxes by watching football, playing games and eating spaghetti, her favourite meal. Her life mantra is, “I never lose, either I win or I learn.”
    KIMOPRA is a bubbly television presenter. She believes that nothing is impossible to achieve and there is nothing that would make her quit the Big Brother House because she is “not a quitter”.

The show is supported by headline sponsor, Bet 9ja.