A new social media challenge is taking the internet by storm while most people seems really ready for it, others are still battling with coordinating their limbs.
Here’s how you do the #BottleCapChallenge; you place a bottle on a solid surface with the cap loosely twisted shut and then try to safely untwist it with a back-spin kick.
Posts of people attempting the challenge have come to over 5000 on Instagram with numerous views. All thanks to star actor, Jason Statham and singer John Mayer.

Jason Statham showed off his impressive moves successfully doing the challenge in a slow-motion video he shared on his Instagram yesterday after being challenged by Mayer. The English actor, known for his many action roles in movies was met with praises from fans and Hollywood peers for his ninja-like execution.
Even Mayer conceded his defeat at the sight of Statham’s #bottlecapchallenge perfection.
The #bottlecapchallenge is all the rage online and it is safe to assume that it will soon find its way to Nigeria.
Let’s see who can pull it off!