Nigerian-American MC Chika Oranika, musically known as Chika, recently made her late night TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live. On the Lena Waithe guest hosted show, the rapper unleashed some mean bars as she performed two of her singles, ‘No Squares’ and ‘Richey v. Alabama’.

Waithe speaks about being a huge fan of the Nigerian-American wordsmith, especially since her freestyle about the rise and fall of Kanye West went viral last year. The rapper continues to be inspired about current events and conspicuously gives much needed thought and commentary through straight bars.

“We all know what’s going on in Alabama right now, and I’m from Alabama. I felt like with this opportunity and the way that it lined up, it would make so much sense for me to come on here and speak for people who would otherwise feel voiceless,” she shared with Waithe on what inspired ‘Richey v. Alabama’.

“Richey is the last name of one of my best friends who has such a powerful story when it comes to what’s going on in Alabama. I felt like this would be a proper tribute to her, and also a proper tribute to all women in Alabama—all people in Alabama with wombs who are able to carry children—and I felt like this is my time to speak for us,” she concluded.


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