Nigeria’s dance queen, Kaffy is working on another project this year and it is not as complicated as you might think.

The Guinness World Record breaker has revealed that her main focus for the year is to sensitise the public to the benefits of paying equal respect to the dance industry likewise other industries in the entertainment sector.

Kaffy has used dance to achieve so much in life but most importantly, she has employed dance as a tool to help unhappy women regain their confidence. “I have also used dance therapeutically to help women gain their confidence back. I have had classes where a woman would come for the first time in a large dress and complain that things are not right in her household but by the time the same woman comes for the third class, I would be the one to inform her that her sportswear is getting tighter and her top is shorter, not because she has added more weight but because she has gained self-confidence. I am saying all this because we can use dance to reform, empower, and heal,” she said.

She opined that the Nigerian entertainment industry would not be appealing to the western world like it is today without dance. Kaffy said, “Over the years, I have attended conferences relating to our industry and I have had to fight because dance has been relegated in this industry. If not for our dances, our music would not get to America. Imagine most of our hit songs from artistes like Davido, PSquare and the likes without dancers.

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“This is why I am sacrificing so much for dance because it has helped me to stay off the street and maintain my sanity. I want people to understand the power of dance because before human beings could speak, we moved; we gesticulated and used actions to express ourselves. That is how powerful dance is as it can be used to celebrate, or as a medium to proclaim peace. It is even good for our well-being because I have never seen anybody that dances sad. Knowing the power of dance, I decided to use it to help people.